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Do you love Happily Ever After stories? Here are some romantic stories on the offer if romance is your jam. I love to write stories about two people falling in love. Here's to love stories!

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Get the Book: Clean Contemporary Time Travel Romance

What happens if you got struck by lightning and your phone now has a connection to the past?

Win a lottery, change a few things, and maybe find love. This book is available on March 23rd! There is also a prequel short story of a different couple whose phones also connect to each other.

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As an angel, you don't fall in love with a mortal... Or you'll risk being cast out of heaven.

Bina is asked to guard and protect a mortal from the evil forces of the Darkness. In order to protect him, she has to disguise herself as a mortal herself.

Nolan, a billionaire and the creator of an important communications app, is threatened by by evil forces. He doesn't believe in God, but when he meets a woman who challenges his beliefs, he has to reconsider his views on the world.

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