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A Vella Story. A girl disguised as a boy on a strange new planet filled with wonders. Read the story now. New episodes released every Fridays and Sundays with more dangers.


Cursed to hide as a boy, entrusted with a fate to save a world under a disguise.

This prequel is the first in the Hidden Tales Series. A fairy tale retold: the guests of the ball falls under a gender bender disguise curse. If the cursed ones' identity is discovered, they will forever take their new forms. This short story is a prequel to the new series, Hidden Tales. Get your copy today and join the gender bender fun!

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A fallen princess and forced to throw away her dresses, can she ever become a princess again?

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CInderella "Ella" is a princess of the Kingdom of Evergreen. At a big ball where all the royals of the world are in attendance, a witch queen invites herself. When the witch queen is asked to leave, she curses everyone to hide themselves or risk losing their real forms.

Ella is cursed to disguise herself as a boy. If anyone finds out she's a girl, she will become a real boy.

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The worst part of loans and magic deals is paying them back.

Ebenezer Scrooge is the shrewdest banker in the Kingdom of Glade, infamous for the interest on his loans and the wealth he amassed because of it. What the kingdom doesn’t know is that Scrooge didn’t earn his fortune on his own. He made a deal with a known witch for a spell that would make his business thrive.

Right when the elderly banker is ready to retire in comfort after the upcoming winter holiday, the witch pays him a sudden visit. Her deal came with a price: that she would get a substantial cut of Scrooge’s profits, enough to put his happy plans in jeopardy.

Scrooge refuses to pay, so the witch casts a curse on him. Until he fills his end of their bargain, no one will see the man Ebenezer, because they can only see a woman in his place. And if he exposes his true identity, the magic becomes permanent.

Scrooge must look to his past to save his lifetime of work, and learn the true meaning of riches to earn his happily ever after.

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