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If you've come here from TikTok, hello!

I'm excited to see what the Lord is doing through me to reach the world about His Light, His Word, and all of His Love.

I started doing Christ-based TikTok on March 21, 2022 after exactly one year to the day on a different account to promote my books. God had impressed upon me to create videos for Him. I was afraid because I don't like people hearing me while I make videos. It's such a testimony that I am overcoming my fear of speaking God's Word, and praising Him, and encouraging others with my videos.

That said, I've started doing a self-Bible study about renewal. I am not sure what kind of book this will become, but it is exciting to see where this is going and I hope it becomes a book that will encourage you in your walk with Jesus. Follow me on TikTok if you have not done so yet! I post many encouraging and uplifting videos everyday.

God bless!