About the Author

Pictured is a headshot of TD Kohnen. She has dark blonde hair and smiling at the camera under soft yellow light. A vector of a white heart is located at bottom left corner.

Hi, this is TD!

I am an indie author from the heart of Texas. I love to write books for you to escape to and stay for awhile.

Don't be shy and let me know about you. I'm on Insta @Koh.nen!

TD Kohnen spent her childhood in Michigan and did a lot of adventures: camping, rock climbing, triathlons. Then to Florida for some Floridian adventures like scuba diving. When not adventuring, out into the outdoors, she spends her quiet time reading and writing fun stories.

Kohnen is many things, and she is first a daughte rof God, then a single widowed mother to two beautiful girls, and a deafblind individual. She wears cochlear implant in one ear, and sometimes wears pink-tinted glasses for fun. SHe has very limited vision, and have a degenerative eye disease that slowly robs her of vision over time. Kohnen doesn't let that stop her from living life though!

Follow her life updates on Instagram which is full of writerly-inspired images that also involves a snapshot of something happening in her life.