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Do you love fantasy of manners books like Gail Carriger, Olivia Atwater, and Melissa McShane? Look no further than this bookshelf to satiate all your fantasy romance of manners! Be ready to be charmed and loved in these delightful stories below.

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Holly Gale started as a lady of fine breeding with newly discovered powers that guaranteed her a marriage to a man of good standing in London’s hidden high society of fae and magic. Marrying for love was not considered a possibility until her and a handsome, masked stranger share an intense, unforgettable kiss at a ball.

The identity of her mystery suitor haunts her, even as she develops her abilities taking lessons from another supernaturally gifted noble, the Earl St. Vincent, Lord Brandon. As the sparks between her and her instructor grow, she begins to suspect that him and the man from the ball could be one and the same.

However, the Gale family has other ideas when they introduce their daughter to a powerful marquis who can make or break their position in society. He takes a mighty liking to Holly, and how her growing abilities will further his own nefarious goals.

Holly’s heart longs to push the limits of her connection with Brandon, despite that doing so would disappoint her family and risk the marquis plummeting their good name. But is reputation worth condemning herself to a life of unhappiness and servitude?

Perfect for fans of Half a Soul by Olivia Atwater and Burning Bright by Melissa McShane. This is a charming historical fantasy romance that is sure to sweep you away into Faerie land. Its tale of love is told over a trilogy, so be sure to join Holly on her romantic adventures with Brandon today!

Read the first chapter free here

A Lady's Secrety - Preorder

The romantic adventures of Holly Gale and Brandon Knight continues in book 2! Pre-order today and it will be delivered to your kindle February 28, 2022!